The Kiwi-designed Snackmate snack box is the perfect electronic vendor for small to medium sites. It can be stocked with both snacks and drinks, or just snacks, whichever you prefer.

  • User-friendly and reliable
  • Accepts coins, and gives change
  • Wide range of leading brand-name products at competitive prices
  • Choose from snacks only, or snack and drink combination
  • Smart snack options such as sugar-free, low-fat items and deluxe nut mixes
  • Unobtrusive, low-profile, space-saving style
  • New Zealand-designed

Have a Snackmate snack box in your office or business FREE!

Because we make our money from the sale of refreshments, your business doesn't have to pay - or do - a thing. i VEND own and operate the machine, take care of maintenance, restocking, cleaning and servicing. We cover all costs, including insurance.

Organise a free trial, call: 021 468 363